Our Engagement Process

Three Steps to Get Started

Step 1. Download Our Introduction to Best Practice Advisory Boards.

Step 2. Check out our Stage-Gate Engagement Process below.


Stage 1. The LOLA Advisory Board process starts with an initial meeting and profiling of the company.  This can be done face-to-face or via email.  There is no charge for this action but is necessary before continuing to a deeper analysis of the business.

Stage 2. At Stage 2. There is a full audit of the business systems and workshops to establish the future vision for the company and to develop a ‘New Direction’ plan of action to strengthen the business for future development.

Stage 3. If the advisory service passes through to Stage 3, a program of advisory services is developed and agreed, that lays out the role of the Advisor and the schedule of specific targets for both the Advisor or the Advisory Board and the company to focus on.

Stage 4. Stage 4 plans specific actions negotiated with the company, to be implemented in the company during the relationship with the Advisor or Advisory Board during the period of the relationship.

Step 3. Email us for initial contact – contact@getadvisoryboard.co.nz.