What We Do

Business leaders today are striving to find access to current thinking that can help accelerate their strategies. They need innovative, cutting-edge business intelligence and strategic insights from the very best minds. They want deep, engaged partnerships based on mutual respect and committed two-way support over the long-term. They need the flexibility and agility of an Advisory Board to support informed decision making and strategic vision.

We provide a practical pathway for businesses to increase competitiveness, foster innovation and drive economic impact through effective engagement with Advisors.

Some of the common areas that impact running and growing a business where we can help are listed below.


We can guide you through the full process of starting and running a business in New Zealand from regulations, market validation and financial assessment.

Coaching and Advisory

From one-off Problem Solving workshops, to the set-up and management of Advisory Boards we have a full range of advisory services.

Financial Management

If you want to develop the Financial Skills that are used to manage Financial Performance, we have the skills and tools to get you there\ using Ratio Analysis and Key Performance Idicator Reporting.

Operational Efficiency

Our analysis of your business processes can expose Cycle Time and Waste costs that can be reduced to enable growth in efficiency and profits.

Digital Marketing

From Web Page Design and Build, to Graphic Design and Social Media strategies, we can provide the advice and technical support to make it happen.

Managing Growth

Business Growth brings special challenges and a need for new Management Skills. Our advisors specialise in Business Growth coaching.

Trouble Shooting and Recovery

From first-aid to diagnosis and recovery we can analys the causes of trouble in a business and design steps to stabilize and correct the problems.

Innovation and Creativity

We run Innovation workshops to expand and capture the power of Innovation and Creativity in your people and in your business.

Strategic Planning

Our workshops take companies from Vision, to Actions and Results using proven Strategic Planning methods and Tools.

Investment Ready

Are you ‘Investment Ready’? We can get you prepared for Equity Funding and Investment and connect you with potential investors.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We can help you with business valuation and due diligence steps in Mergers and Acquisitions, or help you to get your business into a highly saleable state.